Our Inspiration

We are inspiring change!


Our goal is to promote awareness and inspire a change towards the ongoing plastic consumption of our planet. What better way to promote our cause then through our own waste!

We focus on products made using materials that usually get disposed of and recycled materials.  

Wheat husk is a bi-product of a wheat harvest. Once wheat grains are taken from the wheat plant, Wheat husks and stalks are treated as waste and often burnt, contributing to air pollution.

Our clothing and bag ranges are made using 100% recycled materials using a combination of recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton off cuts.  

Our aim is to provide products made from sustainable and bio-degradable resources and eliminate the use of single-use plastics and harmful materials, which then lessens the environmental impact facing our planet.

Over 300 million tons of plastic is produced annually, whilst more then 90% of all plastic is NOT recycled.


To further assist in the environmental struggles of our planet we are working alongside CARBON NEUTRAL. Carbon neutrals charitable fund plants trees for our planet, reducing our carbon footprint, restoring Australian landscapes and reviving native bio-diversity.

From each purchase keep it, creative will donate 5% of sales to carbon neutrals tree planting program to assist in the planting and re-forestation of degraded farmland throughout the Australian Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Help us revitalize our planet, use our sustainable wheat products.