Our eco-friendly partners

At Keep it, creative, our mission is to provide an eco-friendly product in as many aspects as we can, this means teaming up with some great companies that provide eco-friendly business options. This mission took a lot of trial and error, various product samples and hours upon hours of research so that we could provide a product that fits within our businesses ethos and beliefs.  

To begin, we found it difficult to find a product that didn't contain silicon, BPAs and other harmful plastics or chemicals. Eventually we discovered wheat straw products! These are made using the bi-product of the wheat plant once the grains are harvested. Traditionally treated as waste, most farmers burn it contributing to air pollution and health hazards.

Next was to promote our passion for sustainability. We love art and being creative, there our designs were born. To put these images on our cups with the least environmental impact was a major challenge. Eco-friendly stickers that are long-lasting, water risistant and bio-degradable aren't easy to find. After many long hours of research we found our solution.... PURE Labels™, not only are their stickers compostable but the ink they print them with is also compostable. They are made using natural plant fibers that are tree-free and vegan friendly.  

Is it possible to send parcels with minimal green emissions? Sendle was our answer. Sendle provide an australia wide delivery service that is 100% carbon neutral. That means whatever carbon emissions is emmited during the delivery process will be offset by supporting projects such as forest regeneration, eco friendly equipment and community education programs. Sendle also supply our home compostable waterproof satchels. Once finished with your satchel, put it in with your foodscrapsand green waste, 90 days and its gone!

To finish our environmental journey we sourced eco friendly recycled product tags, business cards and sourced all natural hemp twine to attach our tags.

It has been a wonderfull and exciting adventure alligning with these amazing businesses. We still have many projects still to work on however we are extremely proud of our products and relationships so far.

We are also proud to donate 5% of each sale to carbon neutral charitable fund. Your money supports the rehabilitation of degraded land in Australia through their reforestation programs. These programs have so many benifits to our country and planet including carbon emission offsets, growth of Australian natives and restoration and preservation of our native flora and fauna.

We have an enormous amount of love and passion for what we do and we hope you can share that excitement and journey with us!


With love from the Keep it, creative team ~ Chantel and Bec 


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