About us

We are Chantel and Bec, founders of Keep it, creative.


We both grew up in Gippsland in country Victoria all though met each other living on The Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia. 

We bonded over our passion for the environment and our love for nature, quickly deciding that we needed to work together to do something positive for Mother Earth.


So Keep it, creative was born!


As soon as we knew we wanted to start a business that nurtured mother earth, the ideas just kept flowing, and growing into something we are both very proud of. Its been a wonderful journey sourcing out the most sustainable ways to build a business, everything from business cards, to products, to zero emissions postal services, we have found a way to make it eco friendly.


Annually over 45 billion liters of water are used and 20 millions trees are cut down to make paper cups. Most of these cups cant be recycled because they still contain plastic.

The statistics surrounding single use plastic and paper products are alarming, and its time to take action. If we all work together and stop using these products we can build a better future for generations to come.


Together we have created a unique, reusable and biodegradable solution to this problem still with our goal in mind " inspiring change"

Chantel and I have had a long passion with the arts in all its forms. From painting to sculpting, sewing to cake decorating. We believe creativity is one of the most important factors in life. So with this, we had a thought, let's inspire change through our artwork on everyday household items.

Our wheat stalk cups came to life. 

Biodegradable ♡

Sustainable ♡

Eco friendly ♡

BPA & Silicone free ♡

Inspiring change ♡


To further promote our love for the planet we are teaming up with Carbon Neutrals Charity Fund contributing to the reforestation of native  trees in Australia. $1 from every cup sold will go directly towards planting a native tree.


Lets work together to inspire change!


Keep it, creative

Inspiring change